("Love, Death, Hell - Scenes From A Nightmare")
(written 1994/recorded 2007)


"cry, baby, cry
until the night is over
now you're an eye-witness
to the distortion in my soul

lie, baby, lie
tell me why we can not be sober
see, there's a hurting in my heart
and there's a hurting in my soul
that makes me shake
that makes me shake

wait, baby, wait
see, i always think too much
i got an ideology
that breaks in at your touch
and i'm a conflicting nature
realize before you judge
before you judge"


"don't fuse with me
pubic fluid amphitrite, aphrodite
once i got the trojan horse inside me
it will pierce my heart to death at night

so i'll never be pregnant
with the virus of emotional tortures
never ever i with you with you will i ignite

so i refuse you, resist you
and i fuck you
and i fear you
and i fear you"


"after the futile irrigation
he leaves her bleeding on the parquet floor
'till the next man finds and recycles her
some of them pant, others they roar

they fear to get involved, to get outgrown
by some mysterious problem of social behaviour
to her it's no justification
he was the sin, but not the saviour"


"useless, a waste of time
my words, quarter you all
i curse you nihilists
what do you do to me
no-one, nowhere, nothing
mother, let me slide back
into your womb
it's cold outside and hostile
woman, my status symbol
oh, measure for measure
i forgot, i forgot, i forgot, i forgot

still my hand is my best friend"

[the eternal return]

"love's end
something in me dies off
but will sometime be renewed

life's end
some-one of us dies off
but will sometime be replaced

man's end
some world like this dies off
but will sometime be rebuilt

meaningless cycles
meaningless cycles"


"some lovely day
i'll go to sleep
and never ever i'll wake up again
and i will have forgotten how to feel
joy and pain

i love your hands
they're always soft and warm
they keep me safe until the morning dawn
hold back your tears, your private
inner storm"


"and now, a petty scent ushers in the imperceptible, flimsy reinforcement
of the harbinger of the storm
notwithstanding that we, reborn from necrotic soil tissue,
will soon be shown the predominant, overpowering spectacle of erupting skies
so better run away to your match house, chickenbrain
today i'll stay on the fields and watch the clouds roll by in time-lapse camera"

"it's a good day to die"

[the great ossification]

"there are borders to everything, nothing is endless
but if mankind breaches its bounds that senseless
that it conquers death in a dark lab's tenseness
then the cycle stagnates, the past perpetuates
and we'll never hear the cry of a new life born again
rigor mortis, come on and maintain
i would never comply nor rectify
what end do the means then sanctify?

and mephisto awaits us at the portal of hell
with his arms wide open, carrying the death knell
ahead the scientists, promised heaven on earth
promised endless progress, now what are they worth?

destroyed ethics and morals
good taste and our germs..."

[the journey]

"i was scraping through a dreary land's blizzard
got my direction from a stale, stoned wizard
in fairyland i fought the legendary lizard
saw ponds, pools, bogs and the fable sea

i won a honey nut with my haircut
full of blood and mud i gut the final jut
to shut my butt or somewhat putput in my hut goes phut
rut, gut, wut, slut, oh

i got mad in my bed, hang by a thread
ate my bread, got sad and dead
red, led, head, shed
do i stick to the point
joint, coined, phrase, base, haze, raze, maze

power gets nearer as i climb this mountain
behind the grove, beneath the fountain
lies the entrance to a cave which is the entrance to hell
where according to the speech of the prophets satan himself should dwell"

[lucifer's sneer]

"another sun about to fade
another hotspur sheathed the blade
in an age of resignation
pen and paper don't mutate
fate of nation, great prostration

far too late to keep the kingdom
far too late, the times are gone
in the reign of tohubohu
whatever gods won't have no son
he who fears the holy water
beelzebub, your time has come
from the mould of rotten ages
he gulps them all, from prince to bum

strange the times, strange is the world
inconsistent are the feels
we're dashing in impervious void
where lucifer with gabriel reels

satan wins again
here comes the holocaust"

[biblical quotation]

"mene mene tekel, u-pharsin"


"some lovely day
i went to sleep
and never ever i'll wake up again
and truly i've forgotten
how to feel
joy and pain

i loved your hands
they were always soft and warm
they kept me safe until this morning dawn
hold back your tears
your ceasing inner storm"

[the path to nonentity]

"everything that ceases to grow is condemned to die"


"it's late
let's go to bed, honey"