(written 1999/recorded 2006)

welcome, stranger
to the heart of the world
to a place beyond
good and bad
where all the small things seem so meaningless
where all the secrets seem so obvious
and where a thousand years
pass like a day

it is so quiet here, stranger
in the heart of the heart of the world
in the universe
inside the universe
where irregularities dissolve to glee
and where discords intensify the harmony
and where a thousand suns
pass like a ray

dream on, stranger
of the heart of the world
of a perfect glade
within your life
where brightest landscapes now float by
where brightest lights won't blind your eyes
and where a thousand wise men
skirt your way

what funny things you tell
about the world outside
though in that world we also dwell
we've never been aware of that
don't wrestle with it, stranger
it is not worth your energy
just keep yourself aloof
and keep up your vivacity
it could have turned out otherwise
it should have turned out better
but who cares now

farewell, stranger
you leave the heart of the world
you leave the kingdom
of the innermost
but once you quit there's no turning back
once for all we turn to black
but once for all you'll
remember our sway

we'll have mercy upon you
and maybe
we'll open our hearts as well
and maybe
we'll tell you what it's all about
and maybe
we'll show you the heart of the world
the heart of the world
the heart of the world
the heart of the world
the heart of the world

but all they've been
and all you've seen
is just a dream
within a dream

so if you have a question
i beg you please don't ask
'cause there won't be no answer
not in future nor in past
and if you want the truth
i must disillusion you
'cause there's nothing in this world
that is definitely true

and if you want support
when you shiver to the bone
there's no-one by your side
and once again you stand alone
and if you start to rack your brains
the others will be gone
cognition's irreversible and
fortunate is just the silly one